30 May 2022 Insights

Five Reasons to Use Pig Tracking Applications

Electromagnetic Pig Tracking is often considered to be a complex process, requiring savvy operators with years of experience.  However, enhanced technology and the digital age have brought Applications for both Transmitters and Receivers into the market that can facilitate the whole process.  Here are five reasons why you should add Applications to your pig tracking toolkit.

1. Reduces downtime and costs

Pig Tracking Receiver apps provide a graphical representation of the signal from the Receiver and, when used in conjunction with a multi-frequency model, provide a clear view of the different frequencies being received, allowing you to identify individual, multiple pigs.  Additionally, they remove potential ambiguity over received EM signal further simplifying the process.

All of this can lead to faster detection and reduced vessel and/or downtime and subsequently, reduced costs.

2. Additional flexibility for the user

Historically, pig tracking users did not have the capability to change the settings on the equipment.  Dependent on transmitter model, they may have had the option to toggle between two different (pre-determined) pulse rates but to change other parameters such as pulse length, frequency and power output, the unit had to be returned to the manufacturer.  Without careful forward planning, this could result in delays and came with additional cost and inconvenience.

With software such as Online’s EMTx Config App, the operator now has the flexibility to easily make these changes on site without returning to the manufacturer.  Additionally, Online EMRx receivers can be modified on site by changing the frequencies that are displayed on the LEDs using the Receiver Apps.

3. Ability to review data

Receiver Apps typically let the user pause, zoom, and scroll through past data, allowing them to customize their experience and gain further insight into the detected signals without any time pressure.  It also means that, assuming the operator has placed the receiver on the pipeline, they do not have to be present to witness the signal being detected locally on the receiver itself.

4. Provides an exportable record of pig tracking operations

In addition to being able to review past tracking data, markers can typically be used in Receiver apps to highlight areas of interest.  These markers along with the tracking log can be exported to provide a record of signal received during the pig run.  This can be particularly useful as a means of providing supporting data to the client.

5. Make decisions on suitable pulse rate for the project

Before the introduction of Pig Tracking Apps, operators had to work closely with the manufacturer to determine the most suitable pulse rate for their transmitter based on their required battery life.  However, it is now possible for the client to use the EMTx Config app to first determine the most suitable pulse rate and then make the adjustment.  This saves time and is far more convenient for the client.  It also ensures they are setting the transmitters at the appropriate rate for their specific project and not working with previous settings, which may not be optimal.      

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