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Electronics Hardware 

Our drive for innovation is limitless.  With a wide-ranging expertise covering various technologies, we’re not restricted in what we can develop and offer our customers.  From integrated systems to advanced signal processing and beyond, we lead the industry in providing comprehensive solutions for diverse applications.    

Passive Acoustic  
Intrinsic Safety Circuits  
Multi-sensor Data Logging  
Advanced Digital Signal Processing  
Subsea Data Transfer  

In today’s digital age, we understand the importance of innovation and have therefore incorporated software development into our operations. By utilising advanced technologies, we have been able to improve our products and provide a superior user experience. Our efforts have not only enabled us to adapt to changing trends but also set new benchmarks for excellence. As a result, we have created solutions that seamlessly integrate with modern platforms, enhancing the functionality and usability of our products. 

Embedded Firmware 
Graphical User Interface (GUI)  
Android Mobile Apps  
Windows Apps  
Cloud Servers  
Internet of Things (IoT) 
Wireless Communication
Bluetooth including BLE
Wired Communication

We specialise in developing strong, reliable solutions that work effectively in harsh environments. Our focus on safety and precision ensures that we engineer mechanical solutions that can endure extreme conditions, whether underground pipelines, subsea, or hazardous areas. Our cutting-edge facilities have advanced tools such as Inventor 3D CAD for precise designs, finite element analysis for rigorous simulations, and a prototype machine shop for quick prototyping and testing. This enables us to not only come up with innovative solutions but also to efficiently bring them to life. 

Pressure Tolerant Enclosures  
Subsea Enclosures  
ROV & Diver Operable Systems 
Extreme Environments  
Shock & Vibration 
Explosive Proof Housings  

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