ID5000A Ultrasonic Pig Signaller

With one single device, detect pig passage in liquid pipelines and pinpoint their precise location within the receiver. This animation outlines the features and benefits of the ID5000 Active Non-Intrusive Pig Signaller, a simple but intelligent unit that operates without the need for the magnets or transmitters.

4003 Magnetic Pig Signaller

The 4003 Magnetic Pig Signaller is equipped with features that enhance operational flexibility and allow you to carry out pigging operations your way. This animation outlines the features and benefits of the 4003 Magnetic Pig Signaller and the accompanying Android Application which provides real-time pig passage data on your phone or tablet.

ID5001P Acoustic Pig Signaller

The ID5001P Passive Acoustic Pig Signaller detects pigs in any pipeline medium with local and remote access to live data. This animation outlines the features and benefits of the ID5001 Passive Non-Intrusive Pig Signaller, a versatile unit that can detect any pipeline pig.

MEG ARTS® – Pipeline conditioning confirmed with supporting data & samples

MEG ARTS is specifically designed for pipeline pre-commissioning, where lines require chemical conditioning in preparation for gas transportation. It measures the density of mon-ethylene gloycol or other chemicals at the pipeline end termination for conformity with project-specific requirements. This short animation outlines the process including the provision of real-time data and automatic or manual sampling for further analysis.