Non-Intrusive Pig Signallers

Pig Passage Assurance – Leak-Free, No Pressure Retention & Advanced Communication & Data

IK Trax’s range of non-intrusive pig signallers is a cost-effective, safe and intelligent way to signal the passage of pipeline pigs at critical points onshore, offshore and subsea. 

Effortless Installation and Removal

Non-intrusive pig signallers are designed for quick and easy installation and removal, avoiding the challenges of pressure-related risks.

Advanced Communication and Data Capabilities

Equipped with remote signalling and data logging options, in-depth pig passage data and the ability to adjust parameters to optimise for your application

Safe and Eco- Design

Non-intrusive Pig Signallers eliminate pipeline intrusion and potential leak paths, ensuring a safer working environment.

Lower Total Cost of Ownership

Eliminate costs associated with installation time, maintenance, field repair time and technicians

Simplified Operation

Automatic reset functionality, adjust unit parameters and interpret data straight from the control room or app, streamlining operations and saving time

4001D Magnetic
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4003 Magnetic
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ID5000A Ultrasonic
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ID 5001/2P Acoustic
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