4003 UL CSA Certified Magnetic Pig Signaller

4003 MAGSIG®

Pig Detection At Your Fingertips

The 4003 Magnetic Pig Signaller is equipped with features that enhance operational flexibility and allow you to carry out pigging operations your way. 

Stay Connected

With a unique Bluetooth App, you are always in the loop.  View real-time pig passages directly on your phone or tablet, meaning you never miss an update.

Effortless Setup

There is no need for specialised skills or extended downtime. The 4003 magnetic pig signaller is designed for quick and straightforward installation using ratchet straps or stainless-steel banding.

Simplified Configuration

Modify settings with ease directly from the App or the Control room, without entering a potentially hazardous zone.

Integrated Communication Systems

Bluetooth doesn’t provide enough range? No problem! With multiple remote communication options, such as linking to SCADA system, the 4003 can be tailored to your needs.


Operation and Features
Identifies the passage of pigs carrying magnets in all pipeline mediums by detecting a change in the magnetic field as the pig passes beneath the sensor
ATEX, IECEx, UL and CSA certified for use in hazardous areas and IIC Classified for use on hydrogen pipelines.
Quick and easy installation using ratchet straps or stainless-steel banding.
Magnetic pig signallers have no location restrictions – they can be located on major barrel and magnetic sensor can be supplied on a cable up to 10m long for use with buried pipelines or where access is limited.
Details of pig passage events are signalled on the display and can be remotely communicated using RS485 MODBUS via the operator's SCADA system, LoRaWAN or by satellite.
Up to 100 events can be logged with time and date.

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