Pre-Commissioning Assurance

Providing Confidence During Pre-Commissioning 

IK Trax’s cutting-edge data logging and testing equipment elevates pre-commissioning assurance, recording and transmitting crucial data at each stage of the process.  This allows support vessels to engage in other tasks, resulting in substantial cost savings. 

Confirm Pig Launch and Receipt

 The 4000SD subsea magnetic signaller detects the passage of magnetic pigs, confirming that pigs have been successfully launched, received, or passed critical or challenging points.  

Verify Pipeline Integrity During Hydrotest

The Gauging Run Integrity Data (GRID®) system allows the operator to confirm a newly laid pipeline is free from defects before a hydrotest without having to recover the pig.

Optimising Operations During Hydrotest

The 6001SD Pressure and Temperature Data Logger monitors, records, and communicates pressure and temperature data throughout the hydrotest.  This not only ensures accurate data but also frees the onsite vessel to carry out additional crucial operations.

Pipeline Conditioning Assurance with MEG ARTS® 

MEG ARTS® can play a pivotal role in confirming the successful dewatering of a pipeline. This is achieved through precise measurement, logging, and display of the density of MEG or other chemicals in real-time at the pipeline end termination, ensuring alignment with project requirements 


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