Subsea Magnetic Pig Signaller





Ensuring Confidence in Subsea Pig Passage

The 4000SD Subsea Magnetic Pig Signaller is a reliable and efficient solution that not only detects pig passage with precision but also streamlines operations and reduces costs. 

Real-Time Visualisation

The 4000SD provides real-time visualisation by a diver or through an ROV camera, ensuring a clear view of critical information related to pig passage.

Seamless Parameter Adjustment Subsea

Operators can modify settings using a push button or ROV switch without the need to recover the unit to the surface. This streamlines operations and enhances overall efficiency in subsea pigging.

Acoustic Link for Remote Monitoring

An optional acoustic link allows vessels to remotely “listen” for pig receipt from the launch site, eliminating the necessity of positioning an ROV at the receiver. This significantly reduces operational complexities and costs.

Optional Strobe for Launch Confirmation

For enhanced operational assurance, our signallers offer an optional strobe feature. This enables ROVs operating at launcher valves to visually confirm successful pig launches.


Operation and Features
Identifies the passage of pigs carrying magnets in any subsea pipeline by detecting a change in the magnetic field as the pig passes beneath the sensor.
Quick and easy installation using ratchet straps or a custom ROV cradle.
Details of pig passage events are signalled on the display and can be viewed by an ROV camera or diver.
Optional Acoustic Link or Strobe for remote signalling.
Rated to 3000m, making it suitable for deep water applications.

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