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Ensuring the optimal efficiency of your pipeline operations is our top priority. With over 25 years of expertise in designing and manufacturing pipeline pig locating and signalling equipment and advanced pipeline data logging and testing systems, we offer the most innovative, cost-efficient, and flexible range of solutions that guarantee total assurance in the performance of your operations.

Solutions perfectly tailored to your needs.

Given the vast options of technologies and alternatives available in the market, selecting the most suitable choice can be challenging. That is why IK Trax’s range of intelligent products is perfectly tailored to diverse applications onshore, offshore, and subsea. We leverage a variety of technologies to assist our clients in every detail throughout the entire lifecycle of a pipeline — from pre-commissioning to inspection, repair, maintenance, and, ultimately, decommissioning.

Discover our range of intelligent products and how

we can help you with your pipeline operations.


Ensuring maximum efficiency and time optimisation in our clients’ operations is a priority for us. However, it’s reliability and assurance, combined with a commitment to minimising environmental impact, that truly defines our success. We achieve this by utilising intelligent technologies and maintaining a dedicated team of experts to support operators and installation companies at every step, ensuring accurate pipeline data and instilling confidence in our clients.

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