07 September 2023 Insights

Six Benefits of Electromagnetic Pig Tracking and Locating

Electromagnetic Pig Tracking systems have an array of advantages that can improve operational outcomes.  In this article, we will explore six key benefits of using EM pig tracking systems and how they can transform your pipeline pigging operations. 

Onshore Electromagnetic Receiver

1. Accurate Locating

One of the advantages of an electromagnetic pig tracking system is its accuracy. An inherent null spot is detectable using an EM Receiver meaning that the operator can confirm the location of the transmitter to within a few centimetres.  This accuracy ensures that operators don’t have to second-guess the pig’s location. 

2. Operational Efficiency

By knowing the exact location of a pig, whether at launch and receipt or in the rare occurrence it stalls, operators can progress other operational activities with assurance.  This results in time and cost savings for the entire operation.

3. Reduced Operational Downtime

If a pig was to stall , being able to quickly locate and rectify the problem minimizes downtime.  This is extremely beneficial as the operational and financial implications of prolonged downtime can be significant.

4. Enhanced Confidence

EM Pig Tracking systems are not just for locating stalled pigs.  They can also provide you with the confidence and assurance that your pig is located precisely where you believe it is (and need it to be!)  An example of this is confirming that a pig has been fully received and has safely passed the valve, allowing it to be closed. 

5. Cost Savings

The initial cost of an advanced pig tracking system might seem high compared to older methods and models.  However, its enhanced reliability and accuracy, combined with complementary Apps that facilitate the locating process, lead to long-term savings by reducing downtime and operational issues.  This makes it a more cost-effective solution in the long run.

6. Adaptability

EM pig tracking systems are very versatile and provide reliable tracking and locating in a variety of different conditions.  This includes onshore, topside or subsea, pipelines carrying liquid or gas and in trenched and pipe-in-pipe lines.  This means that equipment can be used for multiple projects. 

Electromagnetic pig tracking systems are crucial for modern pipeline operations.  With their pinpoint accuracy and adaptability, they provide long-term cost savings and increased operational confidence.