Electromagnetic Pig Tracking & Locating

Knowledge-driven Precision and Assurance

Stay ahead with our Electromagnetic Pig Tracking System, which allows locating and tracking in any onshore and offshore pipeline, including pipelines carrying gas or liquid, buried pipelines and pipeline bundles.

How It Works

Electromagnetic (EM) pig tracking involves placing an EM Transmitter inside a pig.  The transmitter emits a signal that can be detected externally using an EM Receiver.  This enables precise locating of the pig location within the pipeline. Specialised applications on handheld devices or laptops offer graphical signal representation and allow users to adjust transmitters and receiver parameters as needed.

More Knowledge

We don’t just theorise – we put our expertise to the test.  We work closely with our clients and carry out testing to ensure our systems are suitable for the task at hand.  With a comprehensive understanding of the factors that influence performance, we ensure peak efficiency and reliability.

More Power

State-of-the-art transmitters that deliver consistent signal strength and accuracy without compromising battery life.

More Performance

By combining knowledge and power, your pig tracking and locating operations will be simplified.  An easy-to-use and effective system means minimised downtime and enhanced profitability.

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