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Customise your tracking, extend operational efficiency and ensure project success. 

Tailored Tracking

Our electromagnetic transmitters can be configured as required. For example, the transmitter power level can be adjusted to achieve the optimum balance between signal strength and battery life. Additionally, different pulse rates allow for differentiation within a pig train.

Extended Battery Life with Power-On Options

With our Power-On endcap options, transmitters can be activated when launched rather than loaded. This means that pigs can be loaded before the pig run without depleting battery life.

Config App – Control in your hands

No more standard transmitter. With our intuitive Config Apps, you can adjust signal strength, frequency, pulse rate and other parameters without returning the unit to IK Trax, providing additional flexibility.

Precise Detection

An inherent electromagnetic null spot is detectable using an electromagnetic antenna, meaning the operator can confirm the transmitter’s location within a few centimetres. This reduces vessel and operational downtime by facilitating the process of locating a stuck pig or confirming if a pig has left the launcher or been successfully received.


Operation and Features
Pipeline pigs can be fitted with Electromagnetic Transmitters, enabling accurate location verification and confirmation of launch and receipt.
ATEX and IECEx certified Zone 1 rated options suitable for deployment in pipeline operations with hazardous area classifications.
Bluetooth connection or USB Endcap allows users to modify transmitter parameters such as pulse rate, pulse width, frequency, and power output.
Self-regulation ensures the signal strength is constant over the battery’s lifetime.
Battery life can be conserved by using a Pressure Switch, Water or Magnetic Activation Endcaps, all inter-changeable.
It can be interfaced with external equipment, such as an IK Trax GRID® System, to confirm the integrity of a pipeline.
Titanium housings designed for high-pressure applications are available as an optional feature.
Refer to the product datasheets for detailed information on each model’s specifications and capabilities.

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