17 May 2024 Insights

Voltage Gradient Probe – Safeguarding Divers in Subsea Operations

Voltage Gradient Probe

When it comes to subsea operations, safety is paramount and monitoring voltage gradients is a necessity.  Voltage gradients pose a serious potential threat to divers, making their detection and management a critical aspect of subsea work.

In this blog post, we will introduce the Voltage Gradient Probe (VGP) – a product designed to tackle this challenge and provide divers with the assurance required to carry out their operations safely.  This is particularly important when working around subsea equipment connected to an electrical supply such as an impressed cathodic protection system.  This tool also highlights our commitment to safety and working closely with clients on bespoke designs.

Understanding the Need

The VGP was designed with a leading subsea contractor to address the critical safety issue posed by voltage gradients in subsea operations.  It is a robust tool that provides added diver safety and diving assurance in accordance with IMCA 45 standard D044, R015.     

Enhanced Visibility

The VGP is a reliable indicator, alerting users to the presence and magnitude of AC voltage gradients through a series of six LEDs.  These LEDs illuminate progressively at clearly defined trigger voltages, in an easy to interpret “traffic light” configuration.

Safety by Design

Safety is built into the VGP’s design.  It arrives pre-fitted with an insulating cap, protecting against inadvertent contact with known or suspected “live” parts.  Additionally, a dedicated Battery Status LED provides a clear indication of battery life and operational readiness ensuring you won’t be caught off guard by a depleted battery during critical operations.

Testing for Assurance

Prior to deployment, users can conduct a comprehensive functionality test using the VGP’s dedicated Testbox.  This streamlined process ensures operational integrity and enhances user confidence before subsea deployment.

Safety Elevated, Confidence Assured

In subsea operations, safety isn’t a luxury – it’s a necessity.  The Voltage Gradient Probe offers robust solutions to mitigate risks associated with voltage gradients.  From its intuitive LED display to its comprehensive pre-deployment checks, the VGP provides divers with confidence, ensuring safety remains at the forefront of every operation.

To find out more about the Voltage Gradient Probe, get in touch today!