29 May 2024 News

IK Trax Unveils Their Most Powerful Pig Tracking Transmitter Yet

The EMTx50 is suitable for larger-diameter pipelines where signal strength and reliability are key to precise and quick detection. This groundbreaking development represents a significant leap forward in pig tracking technology with unmatched signal strength and robust design.

The EMTx50 is compatible with the EMTx Config Android and Windows Apps. The Apps enable customers to modify transmitter parameters and gain insights into expected battery life, offering customisation options and an improved user interface. This can be done in the field without removing the endcaps, eliminating an extra layer of complexity.

“Bringing the EMTx50 to market was a true team effort,” said Gavin Duncan, R&D Manager at IK Trax. “By working closely with our colleagues in Production and Sales, we were able to create a product that not only meets the highest technical standards but is also practical to produce and aligned with our customers’ needs.”

Designed to meet the demands of modern pipeline monitoring, the EMTx50’s advanced features and robust design ensure it can handle even the most challenging tracking scenarios.

“With the EMTx50, we’ve set a new standard in efficiency and precision for pig tracking technology,” said Charlotte Hope, Vice President at IK Trax. “This transmitter is tailor-made for environments where real-time tracking is non-negotiable, providing our clients with the power and reliability they need.”

For further information or to schedule a demonstration, please get in touch with us at sales@iktrax.com