MEG ARTS Pipeline Conditioning skid


Real-time Assurance for Pipeline Conditioning

MEG ARTS® is specifically designed for pipeline pre-commissioning, where lines require chemical conditioning in preparation for gas transportation.

Accuracy & Compliance

Our technology, designed specifically for the pre-commissioning phase of pipelines, accurately ensures that the density of MEG and other chemicals align with your project’s unique requirements.

Real-Time Analysis

No more guesswork or delays.  Monitor the density of your chemicals at the pipeline end termination, ensuring timely decisions and seamless project flow.

Efficient Validation

With the capability to capture up to 7 samples directly from the conditioning train, MEG ARTS® provides a comprehensive validation system.  First, see real-time data for immediate action; then, analyse the collected samples as additional evidence of pipeline condition.

Cost-Effective Solution

Pipeline conditioning, if not monitored correctly, can become costly.  MEG ARTS addresses this challenge by offering accurate real-time data, ensuring a smoother, more –cost-effective conditioning process.


Operation and Features
Measures the density of Mono-ethylene glycol or other chemicals at the pipeline end termination for conformity with project-specific requirements. 
Directed sampling using an ROV-operated switch.
Optional automatic sampling eliminates the need for vessel at, or transit to, receive location resulting in vessel cost savings.
Up to 7 samples can be captured.
Provides a graphical summary of pipeline conditioning operation
Rated to 3000m making it suitable for deep water applications.

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