Subsea data Logger




Confirm Successful Hydrotest Subsea, No Recovery Needed

The 6001SD Subsea Data Logger can be deployed during the hydrostatic test of a subsea pipeline to monitor, display and record pressure and temperature data at set intervals. 

Customisable Testing Parameters with Automatic “PASS” Confirmation

With the 6001SD subsea data logger, users can input their testing parameters. Upon meeting your criteria, the unit instantly displays a “PASS” confirmation, allowing the operator to make informed next steps.

Logging For In-Depth Insights

Logs pressure and temperature data at intervals set by the user for later analysis.  Easily download the data and gain further insights into the status of the entire hydrotest.

No Recovery, No Vessel Needed

Confirm successful test by viewing the display or interface with acoustic pinger, data transducer or strobe for remote confirmation.

Simplified Subsea Reconfiguration

Adapt to changing conditions or refine testing parameters without bringing the unit to the surface by reconfiguring via ROV switch, ROV umbilical or optical modem.


Operation and Features
Logs and displays readings from internal digital pressure and temperature sensors.
Unit and interface components can be mounted in an easy- to- deploy cradle. 
Compact, self-contained unit with minimal connections and cabling, resulting in easy installation and reduced risk to the operation. 
All subsea data logger functions can be carried out using a single control button and intuitive menu system. 
Rated to 3000m making it suitable for deep water applications.

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