ID5000A Ultrasonic Pig Signaller




Not Just a Pig Signaller

With one single device, detect pig passage in liquid pipelines and pinpoint their precise location within the receiver.

Dual Functionality Active Ultrasonic Pig Signaller

Integrate both pig signalling and location confirmation with this all-in-one system.

Magnet and Transmitter-Free

Ultrasonic signallers allow for a hassle-free option without the need for additional accessories or components.

Maximise Efficiency & Safety

Precisely determine the pig’s location to minimise downtime and mitigate the risk of a valve being closed upon the pig.

Smart Detection

Configure the ID5000A ultrasonic pig signaller to ignore debris and small objects, reducing the risk of false detections.

Simple But Intelligent

Combining advanced capabilities with a simple, user- interface.


Operation and Features
Active Ultrasonic Signallers send a pulse through the pipe wall and detect a reflection when the pipeline is liquid-filled. When the signal path is disturbed, a pig passage is signalled.
ATEX certified for use in hazardous areas.
Quick and easy installation using ratchet straps or stainless-steel banding.
Sensor can be supplied on a cable up to 10m long for use on buried pipelines or where access is limited.
Details of pig passage events are signalled on the display and can be remotely indicated via the operator's SCADA system.
Up to 99 events can be logged with time and date.
Locator function allows for confirmation that pig has passed isolation valve.

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