Quickly and Accurately Detect Pigs Fitted with Acoustic Pingers

Elevate your subsea tracking operations with Our Versatile Acoustic Receiver range.

Multiple Deployment Solutions

Explore a range of deployment options including, ROV and Diver-Held as well as Omnidirectional Hydrophone. (Clarity: Explore a range of deployment options including ROV, Diver-Held, and Omnidirectional Hydrophone.)

Adaptive Frequency Tuning

Modify sensitivity and frequency parameters from the surface or directly from the diver-held unit, providing operators total control.

Real-Time Interpretation

Relay signal through ROV umbilical for immediate interpretation topside, facilitating prompt decision- making.

Intuitive Software

Decode and analyse data effortlessly with our dedicated software, providing a graphical representation of received signals to enhance subsea operational insights.


Operation and Features
Our range of Acoustic Receivers detect signals from Acoustic Pingers located in subsea, liquid-filled pipelines.   
A diverse range of systems that can be operated by ROV, diver or directly from a boat or vessel. 
Option to relay received signal back to the surface via ROV umbilical using RS232 allowing it to be interpreted topside.   
Refer to the product datasheets for detailed information on each model’s specification and capabilities. 

Additional documentation, certification and applications

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