Reliable, Long-Range Acoustic Transmission

Achieve Significant Savings in Vessel Time with IK Trax’s versatile acoustic pig locators.

Tailored To Your Specification

Our pingers are highly configurable and custom-made, offering several ping ranges and frequencies. This ensures optimal pig tracking and locating for your specific project. Different frequencies also allow you to differentiate between pigs in a train.

Advanced Planning and Deployment

Acoustic pingers activate upon contact with fluid, so they can be loaded into the launcher months before the flooding operation, allowing you to plan and streamline your operations.

Long-Range Reliability

Capable of transmitting acoustic signals over several kilometres and being detected from within a few metres, providing operational efficiency with confidence.

Seamless Integration for Smarter Operations

Our Acoustic Pingers go beyond basic tracking. Seamlessly interface them with other equipment, such as Smart Gauge Systems, to elevate your pipeline monitoring capabilities. They can also be used as Alarms or Data Transmitters, providing valuable insights for proactive decision-making.


Operation and Features
Pipeline pigs can be fitted with Acoustic Pingers, verifying their location and confirming launch and receipt over long distances.
It can be configured with a pressure switch that activates once the external pressure exceeds a set threshold value, meaning the pinger can be installed in advance inside a wet pipeline at atmospheric pressure.
It can be interfaced with an external piece of equipment, such as an Online Smart Gauge Plate, to confirm the integrity of a subsea pipeline or as an alarm function.
High-pressure version rated at 450 bar available.
Refer to the product datasheets for detailed information on each model’s specifications and capabilities.

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